I am an adoptive parent of kids (all boys) – now long grown – from the foster care system. Some of those were not finalized until they were adults; some still remain unfinalized ( but I am working on them to sign the papers.) I also, as I referred to in the first post, have the experience of being given a second mother, after my first one died. Although never legally adopted, I became a permanent member of my second family. I am also the director of the adoption-from-foster-care-program of Family Focus Adoption Services, working with families in eastern NY, and based in Queens, NYC.  Adoption from the foster care system is my primary interest and focus.

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  1. Sharon Brinkman - New Haven, IN says:

    Jack – I started reading your blog lastnight and could not sleep until I read the entire blog. Although I do not know you – I feel as if I have known you for a very long time. Many of your postings has sent my mind wondering why and how our legal system, foster care practices and laws can allow children to fall thru the cracks year after year. There are not enough Jack Brennans in our world – I’m sure of that. Another thing I’m sure of is that there should be no room for doubt in your mind of the way any one of your adopted sons have felt with you as their father – they were accepted on their own level, they were listened to and they had a voice – an opinion that counted, they were provided the best you could offer, they were safe for the first time in their life, you were honest with each of them, you gave them hope when they had none, and you loved each one of them with your whole heart. I am sorry for the loss of your son Abe – my heart has hurt for you and I have prayed for you from the beginning of this nightmare – in fact – prayer will continue for you and Abes family as these days and weeks unfold. May God bless you Jack – for the many many lives you’ve made better and safer. I can absolutely say this of you – not knowing you – because your son Pablo has many of your characteristics. Your son Pablo is my son-in-law, and I thank you for all you have been to him and taught him. Sharon Brinkman

  2. Matthew Hehn says:

    There is a rumors that you have a newly adopted grandson living with you. Is there any truth to this rumor? If so, perhaps you should update your “About” section. More credibility and solidarity with other parents dealing with adopted children under the age of 18 or otherwise in need of living under their roof.

  3. Loren M Bullitt says:

    As an adoptee myself, i am really enjoying your blog! you are a hero!

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