Spam comments

This blogging website has a spam catching service. Suspected spam comments are grabbed and deposited in a folder. After a few days, they are dumped.  Over the months, I have on occasion checked the folder and I have been impressed by the accuracy. Always, it was spam in there. But the other day, after seeing that they had grabbed over 200 spam comments since the blog began, I checked the folder which only had one current comment in it. It was, however, not spam. It was a real comment, which I then marked so, and it was then posted.

All that has led me to realize that others might have sent comments that I never saw because they were defined as spam and now they are long deleted.  The way it’s supposed to work is that all comments, not first defined as spam, are emailed to me for approval for posting – precisely to protect the blog from spam.  This automatic decision about whether a comment is spam or not is how legitimate comments might get past me.

I apologize to anyone who might have sent me comments and they never got posted. I have never rejected any comment (don’t get any ideas, Matt) unless I knew it was nonsense (Chris!).  If you sent one and didn’t see it posted, this is what happened to it. Again my apologies.


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