Clarity, huh?  The math really distorted my point at the end. Alright, that’s what I get for hitting send before triple checking and for even attempting to write a posting till the house is empty…..

But now everyone is gone, so let me try to fix that last sentence with all the percent stuff.  My point was this:  I believe that there were something around 3,000 folks killed at the WTC.  And those 3,000 lived all over the metro area, which has about 16 million folks.  It’s not a wonder that I didn’t directly know anyone therefore.

But these 100,000 homes just on Long Island alone?  Not considering the horror of what’s happened in the rest of the metro area: Connecticut, Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and most especially, Staten Island?  It is not a wonder, not an oddity, that I knew three folks who lost their houses. The oddity with these numbers would be if I didn’t know anyone.

That’s how enormous and widespread the destruction has been in the metro area.

And comprehending numbers that big or so far out of our personal experience requires bringing it down to some perspective that is personal.  (Which, again, is why I do this blog in the first place: to give folks true perspective on what it means to be multiply betrayed.)



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2 Responses to Perspective.2

  1. Dorothy Hannigan says:

    Perspective is an interesting word. Some times you can be judged by someones prospective. I have been in a tough situation this last year. My sons both have been in trouble with the law. Both of them had to go before Judges and attempt to be normal, honest, grown men-both feel very short.
    As a result neither of them can live with me and the powers that “Be”, have limited or eliminated (taken away) how much contact or support I can give them.
    I was faced with dealing with CPS in 2 counties, Parole Officers and Law Gaurdians. Being in Court facing lawyers and being questioned only able to answer Yes or No , to my actions has been frustrating. To answer about situations I thought I did the so called “right thing” .to have them turned around and called “enableing”, and labled not a good resource for my grandchildren, has been upsetting to say the least. Now , we are faced with history repeating itself once again. The 16th of this month a Judge will make a judgement-which in essence his perspective of the whole situation. My 4 grandchildren who have been victims in all this , will have their future decided by the Judge. Will history repeat itself and my grandchildren go into Foster Care like their parents or remain with us, dispite my so called “enableing”. The sad thing in all of this is the boys we adopted and have been committed to for all these years. I am praying that the Judge gives us custody of our Grandchildren and history will not repeat itself. As for my sons I pray daily that they develope the decision making skills they need and coping skills I tried to instill in them in order to face their daily crosses. I also must be prepared to deal with the decisions that will be made in “Everyones Best Interest” as they say. Whatever the out come I will deal with it and continue to fight for my grandchildren. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

  2. Dotty Hannigan says:

    I am sorry for my earlier post. I am grateful to have the time I have with my grandchildren and grateful we were not harmed or damaged from Sandy. I have family that has not been so blessed.
    I will deal with what ever the future brings my way and do my very best for my grandchildren.

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